Linaro CI and LAVA are there to provide Linaro Engineering with a streamlined CI and automated validation solution for their daily development as well as release use-cases.

With networking becoming a new focus area of the Linaro Group, we would like to start on building a common mindset of networking topics and in particular the validation challenges associated with the networking on linux on ARM ecosystem.

This session takes the networking focus use-cases presented during the Wednesday mini-summit and develops CI and validation stories for each of them. These stories are then used to identify challenges on CI/lava and the lab and an action plan with roadmap cards is derived from the outcome.

Goals we identified for this "bootstrapping" session:

  • Understand general  payloads and software stacks for linux on arm for networking equipment providers
  • Understand initial engineering topics currently discussed as part of Linaro's linux on ARM for network equipment providers
  • Concrete, short term LAVA, CI and lab requirements to support given challenges

Link to Etherpad for this session can be found at: 




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