Technical Overview of big.LITTLE Switcher

3:00 PM–4:00 PM on Monday, Mar 4, 2013


The 'In Kernel Switcher' (IKS) is a solution developed by Linaro and ARM
to support ARM’s new big.LITTLE implementation.  It is pairing together
an LITTLE (A7) and a big (A15) processor into a logical entity that is
then presented to the kernel as one CPU.  From there the solution is
seeking to achieve optimal performance and power consumption by
switching between the big or the LITTLE core based on system usage.

This session will present the IKS solution.  After giving an overview of
the big.LITTLE processor we will present the solution itself, how
frequencies are masqueraded to the cpufreq core, the steps involved in
doing a “switch” between cores and some of the optimisation made to the
interactive governor.

The session will conclude by presenting the results that we obtained as
well as a brief overview of Linaro's upstreaming plan.


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