Networking: PREEMPT_RT

9:00 AM–10:00 AM on Wednesday, Mar 6, 2013


PREEMPT_RT is a set of maintained kernel patches supporting realtime operations.   Historically, ARM platform support has ‘bit-rotted’ over time; there being a lack of ongoing testing and maintainance.   As well as adding features, we need to bring PREEMPT_RT into a continuous integration loop.   Other patchsets of interest to networking include NO_HZ_FULL.   There may be some cross over with zero overhead Linux.


  • TBD (but the Cortex-A15 patches were done with ARM’s TC2)
  • Use Open Embedded stack?


  1. PREEMPT_RT Kernel tree with integrated support for PREEMPT_RT
  2. PREEMPT_RT features - Highmem support, avoiding IPIs to isolated cores when TLB ASID wraps
  3. Patches and support into the upstream PREEMPT_RT open source project
  4. Linaro image tools with support for creating images from including PREEMPT_RT for the test platform(s)
  5. Continuous integration instance providing automated builds of the PREEMPT_RT Kernel tree against the Linaro toolchain - available from
  6. Documentation (wiki pages) covering how to structure the code (eg platform specific vs core code), as well as how to build, deploy and use the provided images
  7. Documentation on the maintainership and upstreaming process available from Linaro wiki

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