One of the services of the Builds and Baseline team is to provide integration and validation baselines for Linaro's kernel engineering teams. To ensure that we meet their needs, the Linaro platform team will use ths session to initially review the current state of the continuous integration and development tools and processes available as part of our engineering build and linux-linaro baselines and identify opportunities to optimize the service offering for kernel engineers.

In particular we will take a closer look at the high level CI flow for common kernel engineering challenges from release to daily development tasks. We will also take a look at the mechanics available to individual engineers and teams to use of those baselines and how the tooling allows them to more directly engage in maintaining our continous integration setup.

In particular we want to answer the following questions:

  • What update frequency can we get linux-linaro to
  • How can we make linux-linaro useful for development projects
  • How do we present the linux-linaro release (topics, pins, changes per topic)

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